Stop comparing yourself to others and discover what makes you truly happy. Starting with learning how to identifying and regulate your own response to stress, we will work together to strip away the old stories and self-limiting beliefs. It’s time to create a new wellness vision that will guide your future.

Next, I help you prioritize your goals and make an achievable action plan to help make your wellness vision a reality. This includes not only your ideal image for healthy eating and exercise, but also life balance, mindfulness, sleep and stress management.

Everything is personalized. If you need morning check-ins, I’ll set it up. If you love and need a daily schedule, let’s make one. Tell me you get bored easily and like a lot of variety? I can help you find it.

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Initial Wellness Consultation

An hour long one-on-one to assess your current health. Come away with concrete wellness goals & a vision map.

6 week Accountability jumpstart

Make real change with daily check-ins & customized weekly plans. Start every morning focusing on your health & wellness priorities.

One on One coaching - 3 months

After an initial consultation, we will work together on the best action plan for a 3 month program. It’s a full season of focus on the changes you want to make.

one on one coaching - 6 months

We will work together on the best action plan for a 6 month program. Get ready for real, life-long change.

Self-Compassion Training - 8 sessions

Let’s take a deep dive on the what, why and how self-transformation truly occurs.

Compassion Training - 8 Sessions

Learn how to relate to others and change your relationships in a life-changing way.

Vision BOard Workshop - private or group

Use guided meditation to clarify your wellness vision and bring it to life creatively.