(Yes, I know that not’s a picture of a Hummingbird)


…let me explain

All my life I’ve been interested in health and wellness, since first deciding to cut out red meat in high school (much to the dismay of my meat and potatoes family!). I then became a full vegetarian in college and have tried literally every diet and nutrition program since then: vegan, raw food, whole 30, South Beach (remember that one? it’s back!), paleo, weight watchers, intermittent fasting etc.

After moving to NYC in 1999, I fell in love with yoga, but I also need variety. I’ve tried practically every exercise (notice a trend here?) Spinning, HIIT, running a Marathon (just one!), Step, Barre, Kickboxing, Pilates, Trampoline, even Indoor Surfing.

I’m endlessly interested in “living well” and always finding new things! Follow me on Social for the latest hacks: Hangover patch, Bulletproof coffee, collagen water, kombucha, dry-brushing, brain dust, charcoal…the list goes on! I’m a huge believer in personal growth and development, working with everyone from nutritionists and personal trainers to holistic physicians and shamans. Manifestation, Acupuncture, Energy Work; bring it on!

When I heard beloved writer Elizabeth Gilbert’s theory of the Hummingbird, my passion for learning and sharing with others totally made sense: I’m a Health Hummingbird. Listen here.

What makes working with me different? My compassion-based approach to wellness.

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Change your mind, Change your life

My Compassionate Integrity training has been nothing short of transformative…

All my passion for wellness, combined with my natural abilities as a supportive friend and confidant have met their match with Compassion-based Wellness Coaching.

If you are ready to shift your mindset, take control over your emotions and your relationship with others, then my Compassion Coaching is the perfect program for you.

What you can expect

No judgement

Compassion & sensitivity

Honest communication

Complete confidentiality

Individualized attention

Positivity & encouragement