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Monthly Newsletter of Lauren Ivy Health: March 2019

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Farmers Market Finds: Why choosing local is a healthy choice


Proximity = Nutrition: The longer your produce is from harvest, the fewer nutrients it has. With the average produce item taking 5 days to travel, plus another 3-4 in the grocery warehouse, you can lose up to 40% of the nutrient value. Compare that with fruits and veggies picked just the day before consumption!

The Face Stops Waste: Have you ever played the game with your kids when you name all the things, places and people that worked to create something? Here’s how it looks in my house: Mom worked hard to earn money to buy this broccoli. The driver had to bring it to the market. And he got it from the farmer who picked it, after it was planted from a seed, watered and cared for...

Having a connection to where our food comes from and the hard working people who grow our produce is a game changer in lessening food waste and works wonders with kids who are less than enthusiastic about trying new veggies.

Environmental Impact: Think about every item in your local grocery store. Each item was delivered either by plane, train or automobile…or maybe all three. That’s a tremendous amount of fuel being used and creating air pollution leading to global warming. No, you alone can’t solve climate change just by purchasing your food from the local farmer’s market. But imagine if everyone bought local…now that’s real change.



Q: What is health & wellness coaching?

A: In the broadest terms, Health & Wellness coaching bridges the gap between where you are currently and where you want to be with your health. By helping you tap into your true motivation, a coach empowers you to turn your wellness vision into a real actionable plan.

Q: Why should I choose Lauren Ivy Health?

A: I have been in your shoes, putting my wellness on the bottom of my to-do list, while I prioritize the needs of my family. I can help you recognize your negative self-talk and self-sabotage tactics, because I’ve done the same things. I will listen to you, without judgment, and encourage you to take time for self-care, which is absolutely not self-ish.

Q: What can we talk about?

A: Coaching encompasses whole-self health, also known as “big picture wellness”. This includes healthy eating, exercise, weight management, sleep, stress, life balance, mindfulness, personal and professional goals.

Q: How many sessions do I need?

A: That’s completely an individual decision. I do not have a set program that I put all my clients into. We could work on a smaller change for a few weeks or larger changes for a few months.

Q: Why do I need a coach?

A: Even when you know what you want to change and should be doing to improve your life, it can be hard to figure exactly out how to fit it all in. A coach helps you develop your own action plan and brings the missing accountability you need to succeed.


Looking to add a new boost to your daily coffee or smoothie? You might want to check out Collagen Peptides. Packed with protein, Collagen is getting all the buzz these days for it's touted benefits for skin, nails, bones and gut health. Research is promising, but still limited.



If you want to be responsible, keep your promises to others. If you want to be successful, keep your promises to yourself.

--Marie Forleo

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February Challenge: Love You Mean It

What if in February, you decided to make a daily date…with yourself? One that you didn’t cancel the second something else comes up. That’s right, I’m challenging you to do one thing everyday for YOU. Not for your kids, spouse, friends, co-workers. Just for You.

It could be working out, making a healthy lunch, taking a bath, buying yourself flowers, getting a massage or just carving time out to read a book. It doesn’t have to be something you need to spend money on, book a sitter for or even leave the house for. But do something everyday. And keep real track of it. Write it in your journal or calendar. Post on social or text a friend daily; just make it official.

This February, the month of Love, show yourself some love. Real love. As in “I am my own person, apart from all the other people I love in care about and deserve more than I am giving myself”. What is one thing you can do everyday in the month of Feb to put yourself first? Can you show up, mean it, commit to it? 

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Sweating your Sweat?

Looking to add a natural personal product to your every day routine? One place to start is under your arms! There have been some alarming reports about the potential dangers with traditional antiperspirant brands, due to aluminum (more on this in a second).  

First, let’s start with a little science (in case you skipped some of your high school chem classes to go to breakfast, ahem). 

Did you know that deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things? Deodorant masks sweat, it doesn’t stop it. It’s a fragrance to make you smell sweeter even though sweat doesn’t actually smell (crazy, right?). Sweat mixed with bacteria is what creates B.O. Antiperspirant on the other hand, was created to stop wetness.

While there are lots of “natural” ways to do this (such as baking soda, arrowroot, and shea butter) most of the mainstream brands labeled antiperspirant use aluminum, an active ingredient classified as a drug by the FDA. Aluminum’s job is to block the sweat glands, preventing sweat from happening. This is where the science reports and all the toxic versus non-toxic convo happens. Click here for some additional resources:

There are a ton of brands from which to choose. Lucky for you, I have schvitzed my way through many of them. One caveat in these product reviews – sweat is unique to each individual. I’m in the average-to-slightly-sweaty category, and I worked out using each of these brands. All of the brands below are either classified as a deodorant or natural antiperspirant.


I heard about this brand from one of my go-to sources for new wellness products, Schmidt’s is available online and offers several scents; I went with a jar of lavender and sage. It comes with a teeny tiny spatula to dole out the deodorant. As a lover of all things mini, I was mildly obsessed with scooping out the product, rubbing it between my fingers, and applying to my pits. Ironically, the thing I originally loved most about this product was the reason I lessened my usage; after a while, it just became a messy annoyance. The product itself worked pretty well during a regular day, but it left my clothes feeling damp after a medium level workout. Cost: $8.99.

Scent: 3/5


Post-workout Smell Test: 4/5

Kiss My Face

This is another well-known, non-toxic brand. They make a lot of personal products for your body, face, and hair. Unfortunately, it was not a winner for this Sweaty Betty. The lavender scent was nice and the bar application was easy. But after applying, I never really lost the slick, sticky feeling under my arms.  And I definitely don’t like that! All of the company's products are vegan and cruelty-free, so they are definitely worth checking out. Cost:$5.99.

Scent: 3/5


Post-workout Smell Test: 1/5

The Healthy Deodorant (Lavanilla Laboratories)

Heads up: This might be a splurge product. Upon purchase at Anthropologie, my husband literally asked me with a distinct tone of incredulousness, “Just how much are you willing to spend on deodorant?” I wanted so badly for this to be my winning product, my ride-or-die, my “I told you it was worth it.” But it wasn’t. I loved the roll-on, I loved the vanilla lemon scent, heck I even loved the branding and packaging (which is cute enough to leave out on the counter), but it just didn't keep my underarms dry enough after spinning to head straight to the grocery store. And that's what this busy mom needs to do! Cost: $14.

Scent: 5/5

Application: 4/5

Post-workout Smell Test: 3/5

Moon Organics

This is a local, organic brand that my mom came across at the weekly Decatur Farmers Market (Go, Mom!). This is my current product winner. I like the frankincense and thyme smell, the product goes on smoothly and dries quickly. It does a pretty good job of covering up the smell after a hard and very sweaty hot yoga session. Plus, I love supporting a company based in Marietta. Cost: $9.

Scent: 4/5

Application: 4/5

Post-workout Smell Test: 5/5

One of the great things about starting your journey to eliminate toxic products with deodorant is the low price point. For about $10 you can try deodorant and see what you think, versus an expensive serum or face cream.

Have you tried any of these? Did they pass your sweat test? Would love to hear about your favorites, so comment below!